Prayer and Christlikeness

While reading Praying by J. I. Packer and Carolyn Nystrom, I was captured by the following statement, It should not surprise us that God’s promises to and purposes for us have more to do with our spiritual development than our physical comfort. The paragraph concludes, But what He primarily has in view for us is a destiny of Christlikeness and where Christlikeness is not being sought He may well withhold some of the benefits to which His promises refer…(p. 167).

An awesome truth to ponder.  Failing to keep in mind our destiny in Christ may cause us to miss some withheld benefits to which His promises refer. Many may have heard the story of the believer who was being given a tour of heaven when confronted with a hugh warehouse simply marked Unclaimed Blessings.  Upon asking what the building was all about, the response was simply, The building houses all the blessings of God which were never claimed because believers failed to ask.  Think on these things and don’t forget God’s destiny intended for all of us who follow His Son.

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