Every Believer a Discipler?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if every believer considered himself a discipler?  The question deserves some explanation.  Discipling can be considered on different levels. Some discipling is more intentional and structured.  Some is unintentional and informal.

Every contact that a believer has with a non-believer should have as its ultimate goal evangelism, praying that someday that person would become a Christ-follower.  Every contact with another believer should have as its goal discipleship, edification. One could ask, “Is my contact with my fellow believer one which provokes to love and good works.   Will my brother or sister in Christ be motived, by contact with me, to desire a deeper relationship with Him?

There have been people in my life who have inspired me to want to be more than I am. Their very presence exudes the spirit of Christ.  Their conversation is always seasoned with salt. I want to be a person like that.

Whether formal or informal, structured or unstructured, discipling should be on the agenda of every believer.


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