Which Comes First Discipleship or Evangelism?

The proverbial question Which comes first the chicken or the egg? has never acquired an authoratative answer.  Guess it’s how you look at it.  The same is true with discipleship and evangelism.  Evangelism does not, however, insure discipleship but a growing disciple should be trained and involved in discipleship.

Our discipleship program, launched in Haiti to disciple literacy-challenged believers has garnered results we never anticipated.  Recently some seminary students, enthused to reach unreached areas began spending time in a small village in the mountain area of their country.  They used the first four modules of our program to evangelize. Who is God? How do you get to know Him?  What does it mean to be a follower of Christ? What is the meaning of baptism?  Topics that speak to unbelievers.

The response speaks for itself.  Today there is a congregation averaging over sixty each Sunday.  New believers are being discipled with the continuing modules of the program and other non-believers are being evangelized by new converts.  The people of the village have given land and a donor from the U. S. has provided the money to build their first place of worship.  Discipling pays huge dividends.




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