The Giant in the Room

“Ignoring the giant in the room” is not an unfamiliar phrase in today’s  vocabulary.  It speaks of an existing major issue that no one want to acknowledge or address.  In the life of many Christians there is a giant in their life that is believed best by some to be ignored and not acknowledged.

Following our conversion to Christ, there remains in us an inherent core of selfishness and pride which wars within our members corrupting our intentions and achievements.  It manifests itself in various ways:

  • in our jealousy of others accomplishments and achievements
  • in the vanity we enjoy when we have accomplished something we deem worthy
  • in our allowing our love to be cheapen into lust
  • in the sinfulness of our speaking evil of others around us
  • in putting ourselves before others
  • in our enjoyment of flattery and our resentment of blame
  • in our espousing lofty values that we fail to demonstrate in our daily life.

Theories abound as to how to best deal with removing the “elephant” but Paul gives a rather obvious answer to the issue.  He dealt with the “elephant” by understanding what it means to be crucified with Christ.  The word crucified appears three times in his letter to the Galatians. Look them up and see if they give you any clue that might be helpful to you in dealing with the “elephant” in your life.

If the ultimate goal of discipleship is to become Christlike, it’s essential that we experience a crucified life and teach others how to experience it too.

One thought on “The Giant in the Room

  1. The Giant in the room can only be crucified when we realize it is not enough to believe the Word of God or know it; we need to obey it. James 1:22-25 Thanks for your teaching that focuses on the actions that we need to address. Blessing…Tom Buskirk.


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