May I Wash Your Feet?

I just returned from the country of Haiti where I co-taught a graduate class in the Emmaus Biblical Seminary in Cape Haitian. The course had a unique title, Humility and Holiness in the Ministry.  Preparations for the course helped me better understand the relationship between the two: humility and holiness. I’d like to share some thoughts on that topic in this and some future blogs.

Humility is most beautifully demonstrated in the example of Jesus washing His disciple’s feet; including those of Peter and Judas. He already knew of a coming denial and betrayal, yet did not hesitate to wash their feet.  The recording of that act of humility in John 13.1-17 ends with the Master’s exhortation, I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you. Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.

Whatever we perceive as our ministry, it should include washing feet. Not only is the unselfish things to do, it guarantees His blessing. Washing another’s feet may be challenging but allowing someone else wash yours is most humbling.  Try it soon! What a different world we would live in if every follower of the Christ would perfect this simple art.





One thought on “May I Wash Your Feet?

  1. In the Mennonite Church we practice this at least 4 times a year. It is humbling. I have always shared with the Brother who’s feet I am washing how he has blessed me, touched me with his faith, the spiritual gifts I believe he possesses, somehow attempting to build him up spiritually and encourage his faith. Early in my faith I had a dear Brother that ministered to me this way during foot washing and it encouraged me in my outreach to others. One of the most meaningful times for me was when our church opened it up to families and not just same sex foot washing…I washed my wife’s feet and the whole process couldn’t stop the tears. God showed me in a real way what the Bible teaches about loving our wives as Christ loves the Church. I really lost it when she then washed my feet. We talked later of how much loved we both felt from each other that day. For me it ranks with Communion as a Holy sacrament.


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